Shanghai is the setting of killer7's epilogue, which takes place 100 years after the events of Target06: Lion and during the second credits roll, right before the name of SUDA 51. In spite of this, the Shanghai depicted appears to have only the early 21st century technology level displayed in the rest of the game. The gameplay section here lasts only a few seconds, requiring the player, as Harman Smith, to shoot Kun Lan's God Hand with the former's high-powered rifle, which will merely result in Kun Lan catching the bullet and being carried several hundred meters, performing the exact same animation as the end of Target00: Angel. Harman asks "Are you awake from your nightmare?", and Kun Lan then utters the final words of the game, "Harman, the world won't change - all it does is turn. Now... let's dance".

killer7 locations
Recurring Harman's Room · Garcian's Trailerhouse · Seattle, Washington · Overpass · Vinculum Gate · Colosseum
Angel "Celtic" Building
Sunset Gibsoft Islands · Washington, DC · Department of Defense · Restaurant Fukushima · Coffee Shop · KAKU building
Cloudman Ulmeyda InterCity · First Life, Inc.
Encounter Immigration and Naturalization Service · ISZK Land · Fitness Club · Blackburn Residence
Alter Ego Dominican Republic · Broadway
Smile Union Hotel · Coburn Elementary School
Lion Battleship Island · Shanghai

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