"Silver Case" was a T-shirt released to Grasshopper Manufacture's online store on July 15, 2003. It was sold for ¥2800, but has been long out of print. The front sported the titles of each case stage in The Silver, while the back contained the names of all report levels. It originally came in seven different colors: "Silver Case # 0 Orange" highlighting "Lunatics," "Silver Case # 1 Red" highlighting "decoyman" and "YUME," "Silver Case # 2 Gold" highlighting "spectrum" and "HANA," "Silver Case # 3 White" highlighting "parade" and "TUKI," "Silver Case # 4 Olive Green" highlighting "kamuidrome" and "AI," "Silver Case # 5 Black" highlighting "lifecut" and "HIKARI" and "Silver Case #! Charcoal" highlighting "lounge Tamura."[1]


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