Sonic Cloud Tower[1] (超高層タワー, Chō kōsō tawā, lit. "Skyscraper tower"[2]), also referred to in-game simply as Sonic Cloud Inc., is a location in Killer Is Dead. It is visited during the events of Episode 6: The Man who Stole her Ears, and is also the setting of the sub-missions A Damsel in Distress and High Fidelity.

Sonic Cloud Tower is the headquarters of Sonic Cloud Inc., a global manufacturer of high-end audio equipment and sound systems. Victor, the president of Sonic Cloud Inc., has his offices at the very top of the building, on the 1000th floor.



The main entrance to the tower. The front plaza is connected to the Exhibition Hall by a long hallway lined with advertisments for Sonic Cloud products.

Sub-mission A Damsel in Distress also takes place here.

Exhibition HallEdit

A large hall which provides access to the central tower.

Sub-mission High Fidelity also takes place in the main section of the hall.


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