Sparkle Hunting is the signature ability of Juliet Starling, and an important combat mechanic in Lollipop Chainsaw. It is activated simply by decapitating three or more zombies in a single stroke, or by getting three headshots in quick succession. It manifests as a slow-motion rendition of the move in question, with a lively galactic background, per Lollipop Chainsaw's general aesthetic. When achieved, the player will receive a significant Zombie Medal bonus, over and above the customary reward for simply defeating the enemies.

One strategy is to use Juliet's pom-poms to make a number of zombies groggy simultaneously, thus setting them up for an easy Sparkle Hunt. Another idea is to square off with a large crowd and activate Juliet's super-powered state, to which (on Normal) most enemies will die in one hit; at this point, merely swinging the chainsaw will result in a long chain of penta-kills.

The player is rated on the number of enemies killed in Sparkle Hunting, and that score is factored into their overall grade for the Chapter, so for those aiming for A+ rankings it is important to pursue every opportunity.

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