The Speed Smile (スピードスマイル, Supīdosumairu) is an enemy in Killer7 and a variety of Heaven Smile. It is encountered in the Vinculum Gate in the Celtic Building during Target00: Angel.

The Speed Smile is a special type of Heaven Smile which can move at a higher-than-average speed. The Smile does not run, however; instead, it jerks and twitches its way towards its target, making a strange noise as it approaches. Although it is roughly similar to a normal Smile in appearance its body is twisted and deformed, and its face and limbs are stretched out at odd angles. It is relatively easy to kill, as it moves in a straight line and does not have any special abilities beyond its slightly quicker speed (later varieties of Smile, including Roller Smiles and Timer Smiles, are much faster).

Kess BloodySunday DescriptionEdit

  • Please help me! That monster is quick as lightning. I tried my best to run away, but it caught up with me anyway. Hurry! Kill it before it explodes! No! I'm going to die again today! Somebody please help!

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