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Next for Grasshopper!

Let It Die will be the first Grasshopper Manufacture project to benefit from GungHo's acquisition of the company, which will result in more prominent online features in a Grasshopper game than ever before. This game is currently identified as a free-to-play PlayStation 4 exclusive.


Flower, Sun, and Rain was considered for a follow-up around 2009, when Suda admitted he would like to write protagonist Sumio Mondo into a future video game.

Michigan: Report from Hell was in 2009 an idea Suda wished to remake or follow with a sequel.

Contact was a title director Akira Ueda planned in 2006 to follow without the involvement of Grasshopper Manufacture. While a sequel has yet to be developed, Ueda confirmed he would like to work with Suda on a second installment.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle has been planned to receive a sequel since 2009, though according to Suda, "it won't happen soon." In 2011, Suda confirmed he was demonstrated Wii U hardware and was considering how to go about a sequel on that platform.

Shadows of the DAMNED was a title composer Akira Yamaoka admitted in 2012 that he was considering a sequel to, feeling relatively certain that Grasshopper would have Electronic Arts' support.

Lollipop Chainsaw was discussed in a 2012 interview with Polygon where Suda said he would like to sequelize the game. This interview took place before the game's release however and Suda offered few other words about a second installment, so it is unclear if Lollipop Chainsaw is still considered sequel-material.

Killer Is Dead was described by Suda in 2013 as self-contained, however he is open to directing a sequel if there is "enough demand from fans all over the world."

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