Sundance Shot is a recurring mysterious character in the Kill the Past games, although the only game he directly appeared in is Flower, Sun, and Rain. In that game, it is implied that he is a rogue Sumio Mondo, one of many clones of Sumio Kodai. However, Toriko Kusabi also accuses him of being Kamui Uehara multiple times. Shot is in possession of a Silver Eye, which suggests that the reason his identity is not clear is because he has moved bodies. He is a primary antagonist, being an active member of the Sundance Tribe, and is actually the one putting the bomb onto the plane on each day. In the middle of the game, he kills Sumio by shooting him off of the roof of the Flower, Sun, and Rain, but Toriko strikes a deal to bring him back to life.

Shot previously appeared in the opening cutscene and manual in The Silver Case, though he never makes a direct appearance. The manual states that he is the leader of the FSO Party.

He was also supposed to make an appearance in killer7, as shown by an early trailer and the beta comic seen in Hand in killer7. In the trailer, he says "There are people here who have been dying to see you. Now, close your eyes..." He does not appear in the final game, although the Man in Photograph uses a slighty altered version of his model. Sundance was supposed to be a major recurring ally with the ability to send Harman Smith into the past.


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