Superwild: The Third Story, also subtitled Attack to General, is a fictional film in the video game No More Heroes. It is unclear what the story is about, however judging from the film's promotional art it appears to follow a similar format to Star Wars, as a character with a lightsaber appears on the film's DVD cover and poster. The poster can be seen in Travis Touchdown's room and at Beef Head, while a copy of the movie can be found on a shelf in Touchdown's living room. Superwild: The Third Story may be a reference to Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, as its name, as well as its poster and cover art, seem to mirror the film. The film's name, coupled with the fact that its star seems to resemble actor Michael Cera, may also be an homage to Superbad. Touchdown also owns a documentary covering the film, titled Making of Superwild: Attack to General, and a T-shirt of its purported villain can be seen hung in his closet dresser.


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