Target 00: Angel is the first scenario in killer7. As such, it casually introduces the player to the various gameplay elements and unique abilities of the killer7, the functions of each of the major Remnant Psyches, and the conflict between Harman Smith and Kun Lan.



Dan's first appearance

The killer7 is sent by to the "Celtic" Building in Seattle in order to investigate the emergence of a new terrorist group, the Smiling Faces, apparently mutated humans who attack by using themselves as living bombs, as demonstrated by the gory deaths of the Red Gunners. Along the way the player is also introduced to the various associates and informants of the killer7, including Christopher Mills, Iwazaru, Travis Bell, Samantha Sitbon, Yoon-Hyun, Susie Summer and Kess BloodySunday, as well as the extra-dimensional space known as the Vinculum Gate. After climbing to the top of the building, they duel an Angel. Shortly afterwards, Harman Smith encounters Kun Lan, the

Harman Smith squares off against the Angel.

source of the problem and his longtime rival and archenemy. Harman fires his rifle at Kun, but he uses his God Hand to catch the bullet and land safely on the Seattle Space Needle, before declaring war on Harman.

The day when laughter disappears from this world draws near.

Items gainedEdit

Enemies IntroducedEdit


The main tune that plays throughout Angel is 'Sweet Relief'. The Angel's boss music, 'Where Angels Play', is one of the most celebrated pieces on the soundtrack, and bears a strong resemblance to 'White Noiz' from the Silent Hill 2 Soundtrack, by Akira Yamaoka. The music that plays during Kun Lan's laughing fit on the Space Needle is entitled 'Angel's Despair', and is used again in the near-identical final scene shown after the Epilogue in Target06: Lion.

The music played in certain areas (such as the initial 2F corridor) of the building is not on the official soundtrack, but can be found in the game files entitled 'Idou'. The ambient music that plays in the brief segment between the battle with the Angel and Harman's confrontation with Kun Lan can be found entitled 'TenshiA'.

Names in other languages
Language Name Translation
Flag - EN English Angel
Flag - JP Japanese 天使 Tenshi Angel
Flag - JP Romaji Angel Angel
Flag - FR French Ange Angel
Flag - DE German Engel Angel

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Target00: Angel
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