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The 25th Ward: The Silver Case (シルバー事件25区; also known as The Silver Case: Ward 25) is a sequel to The Silver Case. It was originally an episodic game released over multiple years on mobile phones, but was later converted into a full game for PS4 and PC.

In its original form, the episodic game was released on i-mode and Yahoo! Keitai mobile phones. Following the 2016 HD remaster of The Silver Case, Suda expressed a desire to remake Ward 25 as well. Because the mobile phones it was released on eventually became obsolete and no longer supported, nobody had the ability to play it, making it, in Suda's words, a "phantom game". At BitSummit, on May 20th, 2017, Grasshopper announced the remake with a trailer. Due to the amount of polishing and additions the game received in the conversion, as well as how many people would be experiencing the game for the first time, Suda likened the remake to a brand new Grasshopper game.[1]


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◆Correctness◆ -凶悪犯罪課編-Edit

Correctness features Mokutaro Shiroyabu and Shinko Kuroyanagi(Black Willow) working at the HC Unit. Correctness also features Sumio Kodai and Sakura Natsume from the first game.

  • #00 Prototype
  • #01 new world order
    Shiroyabu Mokutaro, Sakaki and Black Willow investigate a crime scene where a woman was murdered in her apartment. shocking developments ensue.
  • #02 good looking guy
    Shiroyabu Mokutaro and Black willow visit the morgue. A man named "Kamijo" was found dead. It is believed he ingested a key vital to the Kamui case. Kamijo is believed to have committed suicide by poisoning his coffee after reciting an eerie speech about how he wanted to vanish and die while sitting at a cafe.
  • #03 boys don't cry
    Shiroyabu is now acting alone ever since being declared missing after events of #02 "Good Looking Guy". He tries to withdraw funds from his account but his card cannot be used. He is being targeted by assassins and ends up traversing the 25 wards and more adverse conditions await him. Black Willow is promoted to work on this case all on her own and uses this to her advantage in pursuit of a certain man.
  • Transmitter digital man
    Sumio Kodai and Sakura Natsume investigate the murders of Kuromizawa while facing his own internal demons. Sakura Natsume accompanies him for a short period of time. Shiroyabu Mokutaro finally meets the suspect the Heinous Crimes Unit is looking for, Kousuke Kurumizawa.
  • #05 electride
  • whiteout (remake only)
  • blackout (remake only)

A demonstration of the "New World Order" chapter running on a Nintendo DS. This version of the game was cancelled despite reportedly being completed.

◆Matchmaker◆ -地域調整課編-Edit

Matchmaker features Shinkai Tsuki and Yotaro Osato.

  • "01 underground theater
  • "02 quiet cradle
  • "03 about nighthawk
  • "04 the lunar orbit
  • "05 moon over 25

◆Placebo◆ -モリシマトキオ編-Edit

Placebo is the continuation of the story of the same name from the first game featuring Tokio Morishima. Morishima will bear witness to the demise of Ward 25.

  • *01 NAGARE(Flow)
  • *02 TIGIRI(Contract)
  • *03 YOGORE(Filth)
  • *04 SIZUKU(Drop)
  • *05 MISOGI(Cleansing Ritual)
  • YUKI (remake only)

Release historyEdit

  • i-mode digital version – October 3, 2005 (EZWeb)
  • Yahoo! Keitai digital version – January 18, 2006 (Liveware)

Other namesEdit

  • Japanese – シルバー事件25区 (Shirubā Jiken 25 Ku), literally "Silver Incident 25 Ward."

Trivia Edit

Warning: This section might contain spoilers.

  • Kuroyanagi wears "Estée Lauder" perfume. This is revealed when Sumio Kodai makes a remark on how she smells.
  • "Matchmaker" refers to a previous game by Suda51 under the name of 'Fire Pro Wrestling'.
  • After the abrupt end of Genki's contract with Grasshopper, the game resurfaced on Liveware but without the 5th chapters of any of the three stories.
  • There were supposed to be 6 chapters for Correctness, Matchmaker and Placebo each but the team working on directing the game concluded the story in 5 chapters each.
  • Before the game was discontinued for mobile phones, graphically-enhanced versions of the games came out for the higher-spec phones that could handle heavier Java games.
  • Kuroyanagi and Shiroyabu are both named after plants; Kuroyanagi meaning "Black Willow" and Shiroyabu referring to a particular camellia bush that is covered in white blooms during their flowering season[source].
  • The first victim of *02 Quiet Cradle is killed by one of his crazed fans using a drug named "Bloody High". This might be an easter egg in reference to the drug in the first episode of "Cowboy Bebop" named "Bloody Eye" which is stored in a similar container.

External linksEdit

  • Official website (Website down. Liveware's website went down after the fall of paid/service mobile phones. Liveware was chosen as the main delivery source for this game after the contract between Genki mobile and Grasshopper came to an end.)
  • Silver 2425 site
  • Official English site


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