The cameraman is the main protagonist of Michigan: Report from Hell. As his title implies, he is a rookie cameraman for ZaKa TV who is sent to investigate a mysterious fog covering Chicago. His identity differs depending on the player's actions during the game.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Throughout the majority of the game, the cameraman is a silent protagonist with no discernible personality. He does not speak and appear on-screen until the game's ending and his identity is determined by the amount of "Suspense", "Immoral", and "Erotic" points the player accumulated during the story.

In the "Suspense" ending, the cameraman is named Dwight Murdoch. He is depicted as being remorseful over the events that transpired and gives condolences to deceased reporter Nina Valkov, whose death he intends to avenge.

In the "Immoral" ending, the cameraman is named Andy Stemboat. He is depicted as being emotionless and matter-of-factly, providing a straightforward report on what took place.

In the "Erotic" ending, the cameraman is named Teddie Snooker. He is depicted as being energetic and exciteable, believing the provocative shots he took will increase his network's ratings.

In the "High Immoral" ending, the cameraman is named Diego Morales. He is depicted as taking pride in the actions he claims to have committed and his face is hidden by shadows.


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