The Music of KILLER IS DEAD is a promotional soundtrack featuring music from Killer Is Dead. It is included with Premium Edition copies of the game.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Piano School"
  2. "Fast And Loose"
  3. "Vibration"
  4. "Ensemble Fighter"
  5. "Metal Ruled"
  6. "Danger Danger"
  7. "Best Of Thrash"
  8. "Songs of Danger"
  9. "Steel Attack"
  10. "Savage"
  11. "Fire And Wind"
  12. "Lotus Power"
  13. "Flower of Angel"
  14. "Symphonic Razor"
  15. "Falling Angel"
  16. "Glory Of Darkness"
  17. "Tools King"
  18. "Sounds Of Sun"
  19. "Street Fire"
  20. "Never Mind"
  21. "King Of Ghost"
  22. "Spread Turn"
  23. "Changing Reality"
  24. "Killer Is Done"
  25. "Stage Fire"

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