The Talkative One is an achievement and trophy in the video game Shadows of the DAMNED. It is obtained by using the Teether machine gun to defeat 20 demons in a playthrough. As an achievement, The Talkative One is worth 15 Gamerscore, while its trophy is bronze.

Shadows of the DAMNED achievements and trophies
Story progression You Go To Hell · An Ordinary Life · Take Me To Hell · Cannibal Carnival · What a Wonderful World · Riders of the Lost Heart · It's a Bughunt · My Dying Concubine · As Evil As Dead · The Bird's Nest · The Big Boner · Great Demon World Village · Ghost Hunter · Great Demon World Forest · Suburban Nightmares · Justine For All · Twelve Feet Under · Different Perspectives · The Castle of Hassle · The Final Chapter · Til Death Do Us Part · Adios George (Human form) · Adios George (Beast form) · Don't Fear the Reaper 1 · Don't Fear the Reaper 2 · Annoying Mosquito · Don't Fear the Reaper 3 · Flat Lust · I Defeated the Last Big Boss! · Love Suicide · Lemon Hunter · Demon Hunter · Legion Hunter
Gameplay Blood On The Dance Floor · The Talkative One · Meatballs Lover · That's So Hot! · The Orthodontist · Now That's a Big Fuckin' Gun · A Hole in your Head · Orthodontic Pleasures · Skullblaster Master · Nasty Headache · The Puppeteer · Fire in the Hole! · Fiesta Caliente! · Trash'em while they're out! · Drunk in Public · Stingy Bastard · High in Las Vegas
Platinum Fleming's Pride

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