"Tsukikage no Tokio ~Tokio of the Moon's Shadow~" (月影のトキオ) is the 16th episode of Japan Animator Expo, a series of short animated films written and directed by various people in the Japanese media industry. This episode in particular is written by Suda51.


In the world of "Tsukikage no Tokio", the Earth is protected by eight guardians stationed throughout the Solar System. The short stars Tokio, the guardian who lives on the Moon. Tokio lives in a small house in a green field resembling those on Earth along with his robot maid Lunaluna. Over the radio, he has befriended a blind girl in Nagano named Setsuko. Planning on meeting up with Setsuko, Tokio has hired a UFO taxi to take him to Earth. While having tea with the alien driver before departure, Tokio receives a video call from another guardian.

Answering the call, Tokio finds it to be from Takayuki, the guardian stationed on Mars. He informs Tokio that an enemy invader is attempting to get to Earth and has already made it past Uranus, slaughtering guardians as it goes. Tokio turns on a larger screen to watch reports from the other guardians, and witnesses the deaths of Saturn's guardian, Naomi, and Jupiter's guardian, Psycho Machine. Promising to meet with eachother again, Takayuki and Tokio set out to prepare to fight the monster.

Tokio and Lunaluna head to the basement garage, and Tokio gets into one of his robots, Armored Dimension. As he launches into space to locate the monster, he sees Takayuki's signals vanish; he has been killed as well. Ignoring Lunaluna's warnings, Tokio immediately readies his Mega Cannon and points it at the incoming monster, who is now revealed to have a dragon-like form. The Mega Cannon fails to phase it, though, and it zooms away, so Tokio activates a special power related to the Moon, which appears in his left eye.

Time stops and then flows in reverse, the dragon returning to in front of Tokio. Then, the dragon turns into a small cat-like creature named Jam. Tokio points his gun at it, but lowers it as he sees that in this form, the beast is friendly. The short concludes with Setsuko being visited and taken to the moon by Tokio and Jam.


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