Victor (ヴィクター, Vu~ikutā) is a character in Killer Is Dead. He is the execution target of Episode 6: The Man who Stole her Ears.

Victor is the 56-year-old Austrian president of Sonic Cloud Inc., an audio equipment manufacturer based in the United States. When he learns about Jubilee, a musician whose talent can influence and control people's emotions, he visits her and 'traps' her talent in a music box, informing her that he will use her abilities to spread disharmony throughout the world.

Mondo Zappa is subsequently hired by Jubilee to execute Victor and retrieve her talent. After making his way up the Sonic Cloud Tower, he discovers Victor in his office on the 1000th floor. Victor begins to explain his plan, but Mondo is unable to hear him speak any louder than a muffled whisper until he puts on a pair of headphones similar to Victor's. The elderly musician reveals that he intends to mass-produce 'sounds of malice' using Jubilee's powers and transmit them from the top of the tower, thus purifying the world.

Mondo, however, ignores Victor's ramblings and suggests they settle the matter 'the hard way', to which Victor agrees. As he rises up into the air, he reveals his true form: a giant, robotic body with long, extendable arms. Mondo manages to sever both arms, at which point an explosion tears through the room and sends the floor plummeting to the ground below. As it falls, Mondo quickly finishes off the limbless Victor and summarily decapitates him. Multiple copies of Victor's head begin to appear and swirl around, generating a chain reaction of Dark Matter. Mondo manages to destroy the real head, but he is too late to stop Victor from somehow transmitting a pulse of Dark Matter to the moon.

Official website descriptionEdit

Having heard tell of a musician named Jubilee, whose talents could supposedly control human emotions through song, Victor knew he had to possess this ability for himself. And so he stole the poor musician’s talent – the very life essence that enabled these miraculous sounds to be played – and began using them to produce warped, distorted melodies of malice, with the ultimate goal of creating dark matter and purifying the world in a mass baptism of evil.


Cultural referenceEdit

  • Victor's name may be lifted from the Victor Talking Machine Company, one of the most prominent phonograph producers of the early 1900s.

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