Weapon Clashes occur in both installments of the No More Heroes video game series when protagonist Travis Touchdown's beam katana clashes with an enemy's weapon when the player performs a slash. They can be successfully won by "tracing" an on-screen circle using the Wii Remote, which results in knocking back the enemy, leaving them briefly stunned; winning Weapon Clashes against weaker enemies will result in entering Death Blow mode. Failing to win a Weapon Clash results in the former for Travis, where he will be knocked back and stunned briefly.

There are two instances in the No More Heroes series where a weapon clash that is impossible to win occurs. These are in the battle with Jeane, where the weapon clash at the end of the battle triggers the post-battle cutscene, and in the first part of the three-tier battle with Jasper Batt, Jr., where a weapon clash with Batt's flying car triggers the entrance of Henry.

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