Weight Limit is a sub-mission in the video game Killer Is Dead. It tasks Mondo Zappa with reaching the top of an Area 151 freight elevator shaft, while managing an endless wave of Wires. Zappa must keep the platform rising by having no more than two Wires on the battlefield. The third Wire to jump on the platform causes it to begin sinking, and as Wires continue spawning, Zappa must dispose of enough Wires to begin rising back to his goal if players allow this to happen. Weight Limit is one of the most efficient stages for earning money in Killer Is Dead, where a typical stage on the game's normal difficulty level can yield in upwards of $1,000,000, or as low as $600,000, depending on the player's skill level. Weight Limit's objective is similar to the elevator shaft section of the Lollipop Chainsaw stage "Evil at the Unfinished Cathedral," where the platform can only withhold so much weight from Juliet Starling and her zombie opponents before collapsing.

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